Kimberly was twice recommended to our organization by the United Nations. She exhibited great enthusiasm in improving conditions for persons in developing countries and served as a source of inspiration for other volunteers and our team. In addition to her global business acumen, she understands the critical elements of building successful societies - sustainable development that can be built upon - and is dedicated to advancing economic and social opportunities for all. She personifies the mission of our organization: empowerment not handouts, entrepreneurs not helpless victims, investment not aid.
I had the opportunity to meet with Kimberly earlier this year. We were working on a government related project focusing on the US and Europe, and privileged to meet with Kimberly during our visit to the US. She was extremely helpful in our project. Kimberly possesses an excellent understanding of the global financial economy as well as its impact upon people. She was very knowledgeable and gave us great insights into the market


Kimberly was an effective change agent within our department; within the first three weeks of her tenure this became obvious to many. She elevated the overall results of the team and made everyone better. Kimberly is a quick learner, motivated, high energy, results oriented, focused on the bottom-line while also being collaborative and offering assistance to others in delivering solutions. She is intelligent, ethical and positive.


Kimberly is a dedicated and passionate professional; she was highly respected by our peers from all over the world. She headed projects with the highest commitment to superiority and demonstrated leadership abilities. She is particularly strong at management on the global scale. Highly recommended for Advising services related job.

Kimberly made a significant impact at our organization. She took on responsibilities and enhanced the processes significantly. She did an outstanding job contributing to Business Development efforts. She played a significant role in managing external audit relationships. Kimberly’s strengths are her solid program management skills and well honed abilities to get things done on time meeting or exceeding expectations. She has worked on several ad-hoc projects for me delivering on all tasks assigned. She worked hard to develop her staff and garnered the respect of the team. Kimberly had an outstanding start to her career at our organization and I look to her to have continued success.
Working with Kimberly on a critical project it was quickly demonstrated that this was not her first time dealing with high pressure and high stress situations. In short order, she demonstrated her ability to determine project priorities and communicate next steps. Kimberly brings big company experience and the discipline to handle very complicated projects. Complemented by her solid work ethic and experience with intricate business analytics, she is the person to have on any project that is mission critical and requires strategic recommendations.


A classmate of mine at Harvard, Kimberly continues to be a trusted colleague. She respects and listens to everyone. She was always prepared and planned ahead. Kimberly has the ability to think clearly and rapidly under pressure while being patient. She possesses one of the highest levels of integrity among our peers; she is honest, fair and grounded in a strong value set. She stood out in the program and demonstrated remarkable self-discipline, stamina and focus; she is internally driven. Kimberly is also approachable, open, culturally empathetic and willing to learn.

“Very intelligent. LIstens to everyone. winner. Amazing Abilty to engage.”

At Harvard, it was obvious she is very intelligent and easily resolves case studies and other difficult exercises. During group exercises, it is a pleasure to work with her because of professional expertise and commitment. She analyzes situations, listens to everyone’s opinions, and applies her analytical abilities to come up with solutions that benefit everyone. She was well respected by her peers and by lecturers. Kimberly’s communication skills win audiences; she speaks with clarity, liveliness and always provides examples that teach and options for alternative solutions. I have always been impressed by her judgment and general intelligence. Kimberly was an extraordinary fellow with a huge empathy and an amazing ability to engage colleagues on various issues during our free hours.

I had the pleasure to know Kimberly at my first job on Wall Street. Since then, she has been a great mentor for me. She has a great sense of humor and a passion for doing the right thing. She makes the world a better place. With her expertise, inspiring leadership and personality, Kimberly will be a definite asset for any organization.
Kimberly is a force for positive change. She is a courageous and resilient figure and leader. I witnessed her from crisis to turning point. She is fearless and owns a remarkably strong sense of reserve.

“strategic acumen AND power over action”

Kimberly is unique in that she is personally driven to adapt and excel in the most difficult of circumstances. What makes Kimberly so distinctive from others is her being a global thinker who possesses strategic acumen AND power over action.


Kimberly was a notable figure at our organization. She is a hard charging, high performing professional who is also nice. I enjoyed working with her. She is a strategic leader who is agile, consistent, focused and reliable.

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